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    :: About bboyzz.comThe idea is that everybody who wants can go and register yourself to the system and get loginname/password that allows you login into system. Once you have logged into system you can send articles, discussion forum entries and pictures to the system.

    To use the this system you don't have to install cumbersome software into your computer since all you need is a web browser and an internet connection (even a modem will do). All your posts are stored in a centralised database according to a selected classification.

    :: Photoshop actionPeople has been asking for this file! It is automated 'action' for Photoshop which will resize, sharpen and do all the required stuff for your pictures to be saved for web.

    To use this action...

    1. dowload the attached file: 'fixPicture.atn' and save it into your computer where ever you can found it later.
    2. Open your Photoshop and seek for 'actions' tab. ( Window -> actions) When you have located the 'actions' tab, activate it.
    3. On 'actions' tab click on the tiny arrow up right of this tab. This will open a dialog for you.
    4. On dialog select 'load actions'.
    5. Now another dialog will open and you can browse action from your computer. Select the .atn file you have just downloaded and click ok.
    6. Now you have loaded the action for your photoshop, Just open the file you want to edit and press 'F2' button to give it a try.
    Please note: You can always change the settings of action at actions tab.
    Also note: By default action will overwrite your original picture with edited one so be careful! I recommed you to backup your pictures before using this action!

    :: Bboyzz.com stickerThe new Bboyzz.com sticker is out check it out! If you would like to get your own set of Bboyzz.com stickers please download the attached EPS file. You can print your stickers from that file at your favourite printing house or where ever you are willing to do that.

    You can also take a closer look of layout click the image (jpg) to enlarge it to its actual size...


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